Árni Plúseinn


I'm a member of FM Belfast, Milkywhale and sometimes Prins Póló. I also make stuff with code and sometimes even physical things.



Clean view of recent earthquakes in Iceland.

Check it out here

Addition Game

Super simple addition game

Training mini me for math greatness. Works well on a smart phone. Be sure to draw each number in one stroke as the answer is submitted when your finger is lifted of your mouse click is released.

Play here

Multiplication Game

Super simple Multiplication game

Training mini me for math greatness. Works well on a smart phone.

Play here

How to tell time

Super simple series

Training mini me for time telling greatness. Works well on a smart phone.

Play here

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Lego Vacuum

Parenting Tech

Industrialisation of tidying up the room of a Lego addict

Tiny Bits

Clock... ish

Went to the library for a Tiny Bits course with my son and ended up enjoying it more my self. This is a clock that counts days, hours, minutes and seconds.


Google Home Buster

This device plays the local radio and some news channels and I started working on a voice command system with limited luck as the storm only lasted for a few hours and with it went my focus. The LegoPi ended up being killed my a Roomba that seems to have been threatened by its powers.

Cloud Chamber

Wilson cloud chamber

After visiting CERN in the summer of 2019 I got very excited about building a Cloud Chamber. My first try was not a succsess but I haven't given up yet and an update is coming soon.

FM Belfast's

Soundman Communicator

A iPad to iPad system using Touch OSC to "talk" to our sound engineer without using the mic and talking to the whole audience when asking our engineer for changes.

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Image to MIDI

Twitter bot

A short lived Twitter bot that responded to any image tweeted at it with a link to a MIDI file containing the image in a 128x128 pixel image where pixel brightness was shown using MIDI velocity.


Shit mix

Replaced broken sholder buttons on a Nintendo DS

Hallgrímskirkja in notes

MIDI church

Made with a very small python script that turns any 128x128 pixel image into a midi file. In this case I added a scale to it to make it sound nicer.


with drum trigges

These lights light up in a color depending on the interval of hits preceding the current hit


Post Show Social Media

PSSM is a type of behavior of performing artists where they will check all social media to see if someone posted a picture of them being cool. This site show you the latest post on each site. Check it out here

Is it raining?

Rain news

The summer of 2018 was one of the wetest in history in Iceland.


For Lóaboratoríum

Used some old wood scraps to build these shelfs for Lóaboratoríum


For a tiny friend

Kids are very attracted to music equipment. This toy has been in action for a few years now and its super glued but movable faders are still there.

FM Belfast Stage plot

IN 3D!

Explaining things in 2D is very last year.

Chair matcher

Relationship tech

I scraped the furniture store's website and made a tinder version of it and we ended up using the result and we're still together


Parenting Tech

Turning a pointless game into a betting sport without mercy.

This was achieved by using a laser, a photosensor, Adafruit Trellis, an LCD 16x2 and an Arduino.